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Chef Patrick


From a very early age, Chef Patrick White has always been intrigued by the beauty that is in the art of culinary. Chef Patrick was born on 4th of September, 1991 . Raised by his lovely, hard working parents Patricia Mikell and Jimmie Mikell, Patrick was determined to make his family proud. Chef Patrick was proudly born in the city of Statesboro, GA. From the rural countryside to urban downtown streets, he has seen and engaged in the growth of the city for as long as he can remember. 


Chef Patrick started his culinary career at age 17 in high school where he was part of F.C.C.L.A.(Family, Career, Community Leaders of America). Patrick looked to take part in the 2010-11 Georgia High School Star Events, competing in culinary competitions going against some of the best high school culinary programs in the country where he won 2nd place in both regional and statewide. If you were to ask Patrick now, he would say that experience was what really ignited his interest in this field of culinary arts. In his efforts to gain more knowledge about becoming a chef, Patrick continued tapping in his new found passion. Less than a month later after graduating high school, Patrick enrolled into the culinary arts program at Ogeechee Technical College in Statesboro, Ga to pursue his career. Though his intentions to graduate at Ogeechee didn't pan out, Patrick was able to complete multiple courses and semesters giving him the knowledge needed for a solid foundation to begin his journey. 

Early Career

In the same year of 2011 Patrick was hired by renowned Chef Jason Scarborough as a dishwasher at Emma's Restaurant and Lounge. From that point on he has learned under Chef Jason while attending Ogeechee Technical College also while working full time at Waffle House in Statesboro. Over the years Chef Patrick worked his way up the ranks at Emma’s from dishwasher to Executive Chef, making him the youngest executive chef in southeast Georgia. He continued to grow. He prioritized becoming a better cook, a harder worker and most importantly an inspiring leader. 

Chef Patrick White has been a part of the food industry for almost a decade; from waffle house to fine dining, he has progressively ascended his culinary gift . An innate passion for progress as a chef drives his desire to create distinctive, innovative dishes and present an exquisite plate of food. Even though he was a 22 year old Executive Chef, Patrick realized that he still has a lot of growing to do in order to reach an even higher level. Along his journey, Patrick managed and worked at several different restaurants in Statesboro between 2012 and 2015 before moving to Bluffton, South Carolina. There he worked in many fine dining establishments, including the Four-Star Diamond Rated Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head. He also became Lead Chef at the exclusive Colleton River, a 5-star Platinum Club of America, learning under Chef Robert Wysong . 

On his way to Bluffton, he also worked at the famous 4-star Westin Hotel in Savannah, Ga. There he gained even more invaluable experience that helped his mission in becoming a great chef.



He returned home to Statesboro, and since then he has been affiliated with several locally-renowned restaurants including Soyumi Asian kitchen and, most recently, Watermelon Creek Vineyard in nearby Glennville, Ga. While working for the past 2 years as the Executive Chef of Watermelon Creek Vineyard, Chef Patrick has introduced a more refined definition to upscale food to the area. Striving to show his growth as a professional chef, Patrick has built quite a reputation along the southeast for his cuisine and his leadership. Chef Patrick has been featured in several publications including Statesboro Herald, The Tattnall Journal and the blog of Food Network Star finalists Rebekah Lingenfelser of Some Kinda Good.


Chef Patrick currently resides in Statesboro, Ga, with his beloved wife, Brittany, where he serves as a Private Executive Chef who offers a plethora of services. He is striving towards his goal of supporting more local farmers in southeast Georgia and also becoming more involved in his community.

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